100THIS IS MY 100th POST!!

Sorry about the caps, about the shouting. But who would have thought I would be stirring my mental pot and sharing the fumes with my peeps for this long?

Long is relative. I’m sure most bloggers hit their 100 mark within their first six months. Or at least a year. Or even in their first month.  I wrote my first blog on April 18, 2011. Little over two years ago. I remember having about 35 little ditties already written on the off-chance I’d start something like this.  Who would want to read the ramblings of someone who was denying her entrance into the middle part of middle age?

But that was then. There’s been a lot of jawin’ and laughin’ on these pages through these 100 blogs…there’s been sadness behind the laughs and life lessons galore. But that’s what middle age — ANY age — is, isn’t it?

Having come upon this momentous occasion, I must thank those who have stuck with me all these blogs.  It is YOU who make writing fun. I hope you’ve gotten a chuckle, rolled your eyes, or shook your head at this ditty or that.

To be happy like me, though, I can never say it enough: find a dream. Set a goal. Let yourself feel good about your future, wherever it takes you. Write a book or a blog. Design a scrapbook or practice tai chi. Learn to cook. Start to make your own jewelry. Research the Renaissance or haunted mansions. It doesn’t matter how you expand your mind, as long as you expand it. 

Let’s ALL dance the dance of 100! Every day!

And — Thank You.

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