Get ‘er Done

thThis is a question everybody can answer. There are no rights or wrongs — just a lot of points-of-view and lots of fun.  Youth vs. Age, married vs. single, male vs. female, 30 vs. 60. And my guess is that the results will be quite telling of what side you are on.

My question is:  If you had a weekend all to yourself, what would you do? I mean no guilt about leaving friends and family behind; no guilt about not fixing the car or doing the dishes or playing fetchie with your dog. Finances are taken care of if need be, but not the focus of the daydream.  How would you like to spend the hours between, say, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon?

I’ll start.  I’d love to check into a hotel ALL BY MYSELF, with my laptop, 3-ring binder, paper and pens, Ipod, bottle of wine, bubble bath, great snack food, and chocolate truffles. I’d write, organize the files on my computer,  research, download images for my blog, edit the novel in the 3-ring binder, enter writing contests, go back and work on stories I started 6 years ago — along with using their WIFI and watching their movies.

How boring, you say. My husband said the same thing. He thinks I’d do nothing but surf the net for two days. Not So. I have sooo many things I want to do in the writing world that two days would barely be long enough. Just think — no cats climbing over my laptop; no dogs bugging me to play fetch; no Swamp People or Deadliest Catch. No questions of “where’s the ___?” or “Did you do ___?” Just me and Gaia Borealis and Darren McHale and Ginny Huntington and a boatload of other characters just waiting for me to tell their story.


My husband, bless his pea-pickin’ heart, is one of the most linear, in-the-box thinkers I know. I  asked him the same question the same way.  First he said he’d spend the two days with my grandson. No — no family members. Then he had to think about it. He loves fishing and hunting. What about a fishing trip  somewhere? No — he’s a people person. He loves to do things with other people. Me too — but that’s not a part of the HYPOTHETICAL question. After a few more rounds of “reasoning” I decided he just wasn’t going to play.

I would love to know how YOU would waste two days. And don’t feel you’re slighting your “others” if their name doesn’t show up on your guest list.

If they played this game, your name might not be at the top of their list either…

8 thoughts on “Get ‘er Done

  1. You are very lucky and blessed. And you’re having a good time! I imagine your schedule is STILL full of things you want to do. I have a feeling that if I had unlimited time I’d still not have a lot of alone writing time because I’d be getting into everything ELSE I wanted to do. Thanks so much for a great point of view!


  2. We are retired, live in the Rocky Mountains close but not too close to less than 900 other souls. Several miles to the nearest pavement, 80 miles to the nearest stoplight . I can walk down along the river on our property anytime I like. Watch the sun rise or set from favorite silent spots. Yet, two days away sounds heavenly! The love of my life for 44 + years can stay home with pets and tv and all electronic devices except my iPod. An ocean to stroll along, light healthy meals made by someone else delivered with the option for decadent desserts when desired. The weather matters not……a smallish hotel would work. I’d read, muse, get a long massage and revel in the beauty of this world and living! Our family is ultra important, we are close knit and I never can possibly spend enough time with grandkids or children. But time for just only me is a key to my soul. A golden key.


  3. I wouldn’t want to take away any family time…maybe your weekend could be Saturday and Sunday at Disneyworld, where the daughters dump you for a nite to stay at the Jombo House at Animal Kingdom while you hang at Epcot and stay at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort and you all meet Sunday evening for dinner and more…gee…now I feel bad…


  4. I can easily think of 10 or more ways I’d enjoy “wasting” as Saturday-Sunday, none of which jumps out as “first” on the wish list. But I’d like to take exception to your response to your husband–or, perhaps to the basic question. Not everyone wants “alone” time–no matter what the pursuit–as their number-one leisure goal. I, for one, get MUCH more enjoyment of an experience shared with someone close to me–my wife, a good friend, a daughter or granddaughter. I think that in my case it’s important to be away from home because that’s the only way I won’t feel that I really ought to be doing a project that needs doing. When Carmen and I take trips together, we get the best of all worlds. She likes to read without interruption. I like to write without interruption. We do plenty of each on our trips. But, the beautiful sunset, or the lovely woodland stream, or the magnificent vista are all much better when shared. So, if your husband gets his jollies from watching the game while enjoying the company of his best buddies, that fits perfectly with the question–what would you most enjoy if you could do whatever you want and not feel guilty about it. JMHO


  5. Well fishing and golf certainly come to mind. Also writing. But I guess I would like to spend 2 full days with my daughters. The last one graduates this Sunday. The other two are off on their own. It leaves a hole for sure. Those days of fun and games with the kids are gone. Oh to spend just two more days.


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