Grrrrr Woof!! I’m Baaaaaacckkkkk!!!!

big-nose-dogChange is a wonderful thing. You and your friends and the lady down the block and the crazy driver behind you are ever evolving…even if the moron behind you is up your bumper and the lady down the block recycles dog hair for her art projects. It’s just one of those “getting older” things. And whether you are concerned about turning 30 or turning 60, the shadows of change forever dog your steps.

I had taken a “hiatus”, if you will, from blogging. Too many other things to do; too many blogs to read, too many 7:30 to 4:00 work days ,too much housecleaning, too many buzzy bee activities to be involved in anything personal. Reading? I tried Fifty Shades of Grey, but I lost interest in about Shade Six. TV shows? I am still trying to catch up with the finale of House. Dealing with employment issues, dog and cat issues, hot flash issues, all took a bit of zip out life of my daily 24 hours in the past months.

But I really missed blogging. And I figured – if I’m going to angst about getting older, why not get back in the get in the groove and angst with others my age? With others of any age? I found that teeth gnashing and deep, dramatic, sad sighs about getting “older” were not limited to my own private sphere. One girl at work was struck with the painful reality that she was now 40, and even my 30-year-old son is having flashbacks to carefree days in high school. Life is rushing by for a family member that just turned 70, and I can barely think about my own turning 60.

No one is immune to the effects of aging. Whether it’s crows feet (I’ve seen some in women as young as 35), the groaning ache of getting up out of a chair, indigestion from something as simple as mushrooms, or hitting the mute button on the TV because the noise has finally become too hard on your ears, age creeps up on us whether we want it or not. Our ability to handle the madness of middle age becomes just another brick in the preverbal wall, if you get my drift. So why not handle it together?

Come back and play with me ‘n the Goddess!! Let’s celebrate with the Goddess the fact that we are at least coherent enough to feel the aches and heartburn and dizzying pace of the world around us.Whether you’re in your 20s or in your 60s, tell me your funny “getting old’ stories, your “senior” moments, your attempts to regain your rock-and-roll youth. You’ll find your concerns aren’t nearly as bad as you thought…that getting older (and, if we’re lucky,  wiser) isn’t half bad when you see that everyone else around you is getting older too.

As one famous terminator once said, “I’m baaaaaackkk!”

17 thoughts on “Grrrrr Woof!! I’m Baaaaaacckkkkk!!!!

  1. You youngsters tickle my funny bone! Age is a number – getting older is a positive consequence of survival – but as long as you have relatively good health, “getting old” is an option!! I have a 90 year old friend who is a Senior Companion for a lot of “old people” who look to her for help and humor, vitality and fresh vision, optimism and outrageous orneriness. Stay feisty! Stay tuned in to curiosity and gratitude. Have faith!! Someday you can be out there helping those “old folks” when you’re 90, too!


  2. Kevin Hart asked me to look-up your blog. Did so…..and I find it very interesting. You have wit, insight and a great deal of writing ability. Bravo!! Shall be stopping by on a regular basis and taking a look at how your mind is turning…!


  3. I hope everyone reads your offering. I always feel better knowing I”m not going through this alone! I know we kid ourselves about Altzheimers, but it DOES spook us out when we suddenly can’t remember something we’ve known all our life. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Welcome Back ! I also missed the Goddess and look forward to more excellent observations on this roller coaster we call life.
    Cal Roeker


  5. Welcome back!

    Getting older has its setbacks, that’s for sure, but I think a lot of those negatives are balanced by the wonderful liberty of not caring about the little things as much. It’s kind of like, “Eh, no biggie…” 🙂


  6. LOL!!! Yes… we are all getting older, by the second!
    As a ‘day job’ I take care of an elderly woman with dementia. There but the grace of god goes me! She is sweet, kind, and pleasant… but oh so forgetful. The other morning she forgot to get dressed… at least she laughed about it when I pointed it out to her.
    I sew as easily as most people breathe… however the other day I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to put the presser foot down. Really!!! I was freaking out! I have been sewing for 45 years… and I couldn’t find the damn lever to the presser foot! I took off my glasses and hunched down real close to the foot… peering intently… but still couldn’t find the damn lever. Finally I stood up, walked away, took a sip of water and sat back down at the machine. My right hand automatically reached in by the throat plate and flicked the lever in position. Ahhhh… back in the groove.
    Getting old isn’t so bad… it’s a privilege really when you think about. Not everyone gets the chance to see old age.
    With that in mind… I breathe deep every morning and am thankful I am here another day.


  7. You made me laugh out loud! Last night my husband and I freaked out because we couldn’t get the remote to work fast enough to silence a commercial that seemed to be trying to break the sound barrier. Turning 60 was like stuffing a pillow through a key hole… ugh… Now I’m starring at 65. I’m so happy I found this blog!


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