Bird Brain

crowI was driving to work this morning when I passed a bunch of crows on the side of the road (who ever decided to call a group of crows a ‘murder’ anyway?), doing whatever crows do. A few seconds later there was a single crow on the side of the road, doing the same thing.  Now, being the kind of gal I am, I started to wonder — what was that single crow thinking?

Now, I didn’t necessarily want to become on of those people who anthropomorphize (give human characteristics and emotions) animals. The crow was probably not thinking at all. But let’s let reality fly to the wind and let fantasy take over.  I started thinking of what he/she might be feeling:

(a)  oh…woe is me….no one wants to pick the gravel with me…no one likes me…I’m sooooo aloooonnnneee…

(b)  man,  I am so glad to be away from that group of big mouths. They’re such know-it-alls. I don’t need crows in my life like that…

(c)  won’t you flyyyyyy……freeeee bird…..

(d)  what do you mean there are other crows around here?

When you start to think about things like this it starts to look like a Rorschach Test — everyone sees something different.

Me — I kinda wanted to pick all of the above. A … no…B! Mmm…I’d like it to be C. Or most likely D.  I’m so confused! Just like my life!  When I’m feeling down, I would pick (a), cuz I’m convinced no one likes me; when I’m peeved at the world it’s definitely B; when I’m feeling great there is no other choice but C; but most of my life it’s probably D, cuz I often don’t know what’s going on around me.  It may see confusing, but it IS fun.

What do YOU think the crow is thinking?

5 thoughts on “Bird Brain

  1. “As I was walking all alone I saw twa corbies making a moan”. Twa Corbies is a great poem. Human life and death through the eyes of crows. Then of course we must not forget : “Quoth the raven, never more”. Also, next time you visit a cementery, note the number of crows vs. any other bird around. Trust me on this one. Its rather amazing. Yes there is more to those black birds than meets the eye.
    Cal Roeker


  2. I think the lone crow is thinking… He’s the smartest crow on the planet! He doesn’t need all those other crows to validate who he is. He knows he’s a crow, he knows what to do, and he can do it with no help from any other crow… Because he’s a strong, independent, smart crow!


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