America — and You — Never Forget

There will always be Madness in the world…there will always be dark, crazy things that happen that will forever have no reason, no explanation.

September 11, 2001 will always be one of those dark, crazy things.

But there is a lot of Magic in the world as well. Your lives are full of it. People you know, food you eat, the weather outside. Music, books, painting, computers, football games, all are wonderful experiences in space and time that forever try and encourage you to leave your own world for a while to experience a different one.

For me, one of the most haunting lingerings from 9/11 are the older movies I watch where the Twin Towers stand proud and gleaming in the background. Every single time I catch a flash of them a pang goes through my heart. Funny the things that trigger memories of madness, isn’t it?

So today, take a moment and say, “Hi! How ya doin’? How’s the magic? Miss you (love you, like you, etc.)”  to everyone who has touched your life and passed on to greener pastures (or whatever metaphor makes you feel good). Throw in a “thank you” if you’d like. Or even an extra “love you.” Then move on. They may or may not feel it on the other side, but you will feel it on this side.

And you will be a better person for it.


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