Any Extra Time, Dali?

Okay. Here is one for you to think about and answer. I’ve been running helter-skelter around Wisconsin and Illinois lately: work, birthday parties, funerals, kid’s house, grocery store. I constantly daydream about having a couple of hours TO MYSELF.

So here is your scenario. You have two hours free any time during the day. My pretends fairs better, say, after work. Yours can be whenever. Loved ones: gone. House: clean. No soccer games, hospital visits, or fests to get in your way. 

How would you spend those two hours?

6 thoughts on “Any Extra Time, Dali?

  1. If I couldn’t spend the two hours with my grandbaby (which would outrank any other personal desire), I would split it three ways: 30 minutes proofing my friend’s novel, 30 minutes proofing my own novel, and one hour sitting outside in the shade and breeze. Perhaps a nap in that hour, as well…


  2. Let’s see,
    Not really enough time for fishing or golf.
    Read a good book, or write.
    Cal Roeker


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