Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Stephanie Law

Stephanie Law‘s images dance along the boundary between dream and reality.She delves into the delicate language of allegory, exploring mythology in watercolors and inks.Early on, Law’s career moved through the illustration and the gaming world, but in recent decades she has focused more on her own delicate and yet intricate paintings.She interweaves texture, watercolor, gold and silver leaf, and ink to create intricate layered pieces with resin and custom designed frames.

Her art journeys through surreal other worlds, populated by dreamlike figures, masked creatures, and winged shadows.Her paintings are delicate and soft, full of magic and mystery and simple representations.Law has been a dancer for almost two decades, and her experience of how the human body moves and emotes connects to her art in the most basic of ways.Look close and find fairies, birds, cats, dragonflies, and all kinds of mystical creatures in her soft pastel colors.More of Stephanie Law‘s magical artwork can be found at




Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Vladimir Rumyantsev

St. Petersburg-based artist Vladimir Rumyantsev was born in 1957 in Cherepovets, Russia.

They are so expressive and painted with a sense of humor that can hardly leave anyone indifferent.

Vladimir paints mainly in watercolor, and his works are full of fun. He has become popular for his “St. Petersburg cats.”

His paintings are well-known and appreciated all over Russia, and many of them found their place in museums across Europe, USA, Britain and other countries.

The specialty of his works is the humorous representation of cats’ lives, often in human roles, which still makes them loved pets.

Perhaps one of his cats are based on yours!

Vladimir Rumyantsev‘s work can be seen around the Internet.

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Craig L. Haupt

In a Wonderland they lie, Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the summers die: Ever drifting down the stream — Lingering in the golden gleam — Life, what is it but a dream?

~~Lewis Carroll

SHe loves me not

Craig L Haupt is a Maryland based artist who works with Pen & Ink, watercolor, color pencil, and acrylics to create whimsical abstract images.

The words of artist Craig L. Haupt are as honest as his works.

25, 2/24/09, 9:43 AM, 8C, 6828x8664 (468+1128), 100%, Custom, 1/40 s, R48.8, G4.1, B19.9

“Though having earned an Art Education degree in 1999 (at 50 years old) and taking the required art courses, I am for the most part self-taught.”

Bowling, 12/2/10, 12:38 PM, 8C, 7052x8123 (232+1382), 100%, Custom, 1/40 s, R69.8, G29.2, B45.3

“During my professional career, the early and latter part has been mechanical drawing/drafting. From childhood to present, I have been surrounded by my doodles and countless stick figures that have never left me.”

Pirates in a bathtub

“Over time, they all have been unintentionally blending to create a menagerie of different subjects.”

41, 9/30/09, 2:57 PM, 8C, 6612x7596 (528+1464), 100%, Custom, 1/40 s, R46.5, G2.7, B18.9

 Craig’s artwork can be found in several spots around the galaxy — his blog is, his website is, and his FaceBook Art Page is Craig L Haupt.

The couple

Take some time and explore his works. You will enjoy them as I do.