Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Katrin Vates

Katrin Vates is an embroidery artist that has started to gain a following for her beautifully embroidered landscapes.Vates grew up in a small town in Siberia, but now calls the United States home where she raises her family.Using bleached canvas as a base, Vates works with thread in natural color palettes of greens or autumnal hues that she lays in variable lengths and thicknesses.Vates evokes the lushness of the great outdoors through embroidery. Her meticulously detailed landscapes depict tall trees and hidden houses via tiny stitches.She rarely sketches a preliminary design and never attaches a hoop, which allows more freedom to adjust both the image and the ways weather and sunlight impact the scenes.If you’ve ever stitched before, you might think Vates’ work is all French knots— the tiny balls that dot the surface of the fabric.And while French knots are part of her stitch repertoire, Vates also employs the regular straight stitch and chain stitch.“I have learned how to use the straight stitch in such a way that it can be difficult to distinguish it from a French knot,” Vates shares.“Such technique allows me to bring more realism into my embroidery.”More of Katrin Vates’ extraordinary stitchery can be found at and