Sunday Evening Art Gallery on Friday — Ali Mirsky

Since early 2000, Ali Mirsky’s work has involved the creation of contemporary mosaics, including mirrors.

Mosaic art offers Mirsky the ability to take something that is whole or complete, such as a sheet of stained glass, and deconstruct the materials to create a body of work that is both new and beautiful.

Working in mosaic, she is very drawn to the limitless palate and textures found in various forms of tesserae (a small block of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosaic.)

Within her designs, she creates organic forms and movement by hand cutting all of her materials and constructing the mosaic in a way where the individual pieces are placed at various angles.

Mirsky’s artwork is often created spontaneously, allowing the mosaic to transpire freely with the addition of each piece she glues down.

The versatility that mosaic offers is a crucial factor that affords her the ability to span the gap between functional and non-functional as well as both interior and exterior works of art.

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