Eye Makeup

Applying eye makeup is an art all onto itself.

It is based in creativity, in art and in style

Full of free style.

Tal Peleg

It is different artistry to different people

Even if it’s the frightening kind.

It brings sparkle to our life

And a shake of a head to others.

Which one will you be tonight?


Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Tal Peleg

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…


Or is it beauty is in the beholder of the eye?


Israeli make-up professional and blogger Tal Peleg paints scenes from fairy tales, imagery from classic novels and pretty embellishments  —  including intricate designs of sushi — onto tiny areas of the face using only liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow.


One needs a steady hand, a feel for color, and a wonderful sense of play. Tal Peleg has all of that and more.


Tal says she loves art, color, creation, makeup and all that between.


Looking into her eye — into her eyes — you see her love of all of the above


Tal Peleg shows the world that color is makeup’s best friend — and every eye reflects it


Tal Peleg’s incredible eye art can be found at the following websites: