Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Ernesto Neto

Ernesto Neto is a Brazilian Conceptual artist whose installations offer a chance for the viewer to touch, see, smell, and feel his artworks for a truly sensory experience.Neto was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from a generation of Brazilian artists that witnessed the more liberal approach to art that arose during the 1950s and 1960s.Neto has produced an influential body of work that explores constructions of social space and the natural world by inviting physical interaction and sensory experience.Most of his sculptural environments are site-specific crocheted nets and cocoons, sewed with nylon, and often carrying surprising substances.Aromatic spices, candies, sand and colorful Styrofoam balls are stuffed into these nets creating pendulous sculptures that fall like raindrops from the ceiling.Other times Neto creates human-scale spaces that appear almost surreal.He works with transparent materials and unusual textures, attending to both the inside and outside of the sculptures.The resulting shelters or vessels, unlike conventional architecture, are meant to be experienced as nature: his materials beg to be touched.More of Ernesto Neto‘s amazing work can be found at