Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Dmitry Lamonov

Dmitry Lamonov is an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia who combines tradition and modernity in his calligraphy.

Lamonov was born in 1987 in Leningrad, and in 2008 began his career as a graphic designer.His work has been inspired by Old Slavonic letterforms, characterized by motives of Russian culture — elements of Russian ornaments and traditional Russian writing (ligature).These motifs, combined with modern graphics, create a distinctive, recognizable style.Having studied the basics of the traditional Russian writing, Lamonov saw the potential in it and was so fascinated that he started using the basics in his various artworks.“It inspires me to combine the incompatible,” Lamonov explains.“My principle is that there’s always a concept behind a work, preferably one easy to be comprehended. And the form through which you comprehend this idea is secondary, but still of no less importance.“My form of expressing ideas is basically calligraphy and printing.”More of Dmitry Lamonov‘s unique calligraphy can be found at and



Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Peter Greco

Peter Greco is one of America’s most experienced practitioners in the art of traditionally inspired, hand crafted lettering and typography.His continuous exploration and passion has enabled him to reach beyond design into the realm of fine art.While residing in the LA arts district, he was a founding member of the Downtown Artists Development Association and the Concerned Artists Action Group.Greco continues to design logos and lettering art by hand as well as to produce “calligraffitti” street art, hand painted signs, and interior and exterior typographic murals.

His work has been exhibited in various art galleries in both the Los Angeles area and throughout the United States.In addition, he has created an authentic body of Renaissance manuscript art as a library exhibit and as a graphic novel.Exquisite color palettes, deliberate paint strokes, meticulously chosen words and phrases concealed within metaphysical symbols all encourage the viewer to look for deeper meaning in each piece of art.

More of Peter Greco’s amazing designs can be found at