Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Alana Jones-Mann

Los Angeles-based designer and stylist Alana Jones-Mann is  a stylist and designer with an intense passion for crafting and baking. After six years of planning large-scale events at a leading PR and marketing agency in NYC, she  decided to focus her energy into her passions for creating and designing, full-time.Jones-Mann’s  specialty is to layer thick buttercream onto her cakes, creating pastries that are closer in resemblance to lush floor coverings than typical birthday fare.From high-pile, ornate sheets to vibrant geometric rounds, the pointillist-style cakes often have a retro aesthetic that evokes either classic shag rugs or the psychedelic, wall-to-wall carpet popular in the 1970s.Alana Jones-Mann creates beautiful cakes that come to life with texture.
Thanks to her background in design, she has no trouble picking out the perfect colors and abstract patterns to really give her cakes that added depth and design.“The reason I moved on specifically to cakes is because of their surface area. I felt like I had a proper canvas to really work on,” she said. “Cake is my medium.”More of Alana Jones-Mann‘s fantastic work can be found at or at