Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Thunderheads


Thunderhead:  The upper portion of a cumulus cloud characterized by dense, sharply defined, cauliflowerlike upper parts and sometimes by great verticality.   ~

Thunderhead:  The swollen upper portion of a thundercloud, usually only recognized by people who enjoy having great breadth, but little depth of knowledge. ~ Joe,














Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Rainbow Clouds

A Rainbow Cloud is a meteorological phenomenon known as cloud iridescence. Iridescence like this happens when the clouds are very thin and are made of similar-sized water droplets. What you’re seeing, essentially, is part of a corona — when a rainbow-like halo engulfs the sun or the moon — and the bands and colors change as the cloud evolves.








There is divinity in the clouds …. Lailah Gifty

I thought about making today’s post a Sunday Evening Art Gallery, as it is all about art. The art of the sky. Mother Earth’s cloud formations are so amazing there often are no words. Nature is indeed a gift for all to enjoy. So come and see her in all her glory. It’s much more than a Gallery today.

Where possible I have added the photographer’s moniker.


Arcus clouds, Wellington, New Zealand — PhillipC



Asperatus formation, Canterbury, New Zealand — wittap



Cloud Mothership



Cloud Phenomenon over Moscow



HDR Mammatus, NYC — MMooney



Lenticular cloud at sunset in Puerto-Natales — stiffupperlip



Island with Cloud Hat



Wave clouds, Tadrart region, Algeria –Wikimedia Commons



Thunderstorm cloud and mammatus effect — Alan Dyer



Roll cloud, Punta del Este, Uruguay — Jeff McNeill



Kelvin-Helmholtz instability effect — Amy Christie Hunter