New Blog and Friend — Cloutier Art

  1. This evening I am going through my Reader and reading all the blogs I have missed in the past few weeks. And I am having a wonderful time. I have made a number of friends both reading and responding to others in this vast world of online.

I have just read a background from a new friend of mine, Francois Cloutier, who has this new and wonderful art website called Cloutier Art.

He says, “I have been creating uninterruptedly for more than 40 years without showing much to anyone, I still own almost everything I ever created in a span of four decades….” His blog is new, although his creativity is ageless.

Here is his art…


and here is is websiteCloutier Art.

Do drop by when you get a chance and take a look at his art, read his thoughts, and welcome him into this blogging world!


4 thoughts on “New Blog and Friend — Cloutier Art

  1. For the last two days I had friends visiting at home, so I did not check my blog, I too was busy cooking… than, I just discovered your POST. Thank you very much Claudia for sharing my art, I am very touched by your kindness…


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