Angel Tears



Add some sparkle to your world! 


Angel Tears are single strand suncatchers made with acrylic rhinestones, mirrors, and embellishments, with a glass crystal teardrop for weight. These can be hung outdoors (in trees, balconies, gazebos and porches), or inside in front of windows and patio doors.

Each Angel Tear is individually assembled on monofilament line with a combination of high quality lead-free acrylic gemstones, glass mirror tiles, silver rhinestone embellishments, rhinestone diamante-faceted resin stones, and clear teardrop chandelier crystals.

Suncatchers are assembled cured, then individually polished. Each embellishment has its own unique structure, all to catch and reflect the light.

Angel Tears come in three sizes: one-, three-, and five-foot strands of reflectors, with a glass crystal teardrop six inches below the last mirror tile for weight.


Test Tears have withstood Wisconsin winters for year-round outdoor sparkle, but also benefit from indoor storage or usage.

Angel Tears also come with a two-inch steel S-hook for hanging security.

Angel Tears are available in three sizes:

One foot — 5 embellishments plus crystal weight
Three Feet — 7 embellishments plus crystal weight
Five Feet — 9 embellishments plus crystal weight

Color schemes include pink, light blue, purple, turquoise, clear, peridot, ruby, or random