Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Ertan Atay


The mantle of Creativity, of Art, is a wide and multicolored veil of experience from all over the world.Turkish artist Ertan Atay began his career as a graphic designer, evolving into art direction and photography before becoming the in-house Creative Director for a production company in Turkey from 2007-2013.After opening his own creative agency, Atay began collecting imagery that appealed to him, and in his downtime started making fun collages and collage videos on his own Instagram account.Under the name @failunfailunmefailun on Instagram, Atay’s work fuses the famous paintings by historical artists with some popular culture elements.He combines his artwork with works by painters like Edvard Munch, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Van Gogh.The works are then mashed up with television characters, current musicians, and film works.“I like to make a difference in perception,” Atay says.“There are collages in anachronism, Neo-Dada, and surrealist styles in my work.“I like to bring different objects together. And I like to combine unexpected things with the simplest and humorous language by blending my work with both emotional and humorous language.“I can say I’m happy as long as I create. Other than that, I love creating special feelings that bring people together.”We have to admit that his creative playfulness make us happy as well.

More of Ertan Atay‘s whimsical art can be found at


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