Artists Are Pouring In!

I am just tickled pink about all the new artists I’ve found for my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog! I’m so glad I decided to extend Sunday night to a couple of evenings during the week, too. 

Sometimes the well is dry, meaning I have only about six or seven artists lined up and ready to visit you all. But other times it’s like I’ve hit the jackpot with unique — and I mean unique — ways of expressing art. Every once in a while my “unique” entails strange, uncomfortable, or off-the-wall sorts of creativity.

Other times there’s just enough “awww” factor or “ah ha!” familiarity for you to say, “I didn’t know they created that!”

I try and keep it interesting and amazing. I hope I’m doing that. I know I keep saying “WOW” to myself when I find new artists and their over-the-top talent. 

Do me a favor — tell ONE person about my art blog, Sunday Evening Art Gallery. Just one. If you know someone who loves unique and unusual, send them my way. I will do my best to keep them entertained.

Here are a few artists I have in mind for the future:


Natalie Ciccoricco



Michal Trpák



Timothy Nevaquaya



Maxim Shkret




Frank Moth



Come See the Magic! Here AND There!!

Thanks a million!

22 thoughts on “Artists Are Pouring In!

  1. Some beautiful pieces of art here ..also the platform you’re giving to budding artists who think outside the box and try to innovate, is truly commendable 💗🤩


  2. I am very excited and already in love with Timothy Nevaquaya’s work, based on the painting you shared. 😍 I told my artist daughter about your site, but I will remind her. 😁


              1. I do consider you a friend and look for your posts daily on my reader. 🙂 I try to refrain from being pushy at this point in my blogging journey, figuring those who are interested will seek me out. Yet your comment about the art I showcase gave me the incentive to invite you “over”! Its about balance for me, not wanting to be too over the top with promotion. However I am excited to hear what you like while you venture through my posts. I know we both are so passionate about art and that warms my heart ( a little rhyme there! ) ❤


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