Sound and Texture Gratification

I have discovered something new — well, it’s really not new, but it’s taken front row in my realm.  I call it Sound and Texture Gratification.

There is something oddly satisfying about certain combinations of sounds and sights experienced together. There are communities known as “subreddits,” on Reddit such as oddlysatisfying that cater to this strange phenomenon, or apps like RubberBand Cutting where you cut rubber bands off of objects that my grandkids play all the time.

Think about walking on thin ice down a path and hearing and watching it crack beneath your feet. The perfect swirl of frosting on a cupcake. Cutting down a tall stack of thinly layered pancakes or phyllo dough. Textured paintings. Videos of assembly lines punching and folding and smoothly moving along.

You get what I’m saying.

Google “Oddly Satisfying” and you will get the gist of this enjoyable phenomenon.

I don’t know how to explain it. There is something oddly satisfying about certain motions and sounds that are perfectly in sync with your senses. I myself would rather bite through a stack of thin spaghetti strands than chew up one thick piece of pasta. Something about the click-click-click of going through the layers gives me great pleasure. 

It’s not every sound, every vision. It’s not the same satisfaction as looking at the red/pink colors of sunsets or the precision movements of a classical pianist. Those are different satisfactions.

I am talking about the effect of sound and/or texture and/or vision that  become three dimensional. The simultaneous sight and sound of glass shattering.  Perfectly round bubbles rising in a champagne glass. Rows and lines of things that blend perfectly into one another. Liquids that swirl into mesmerizing rainbows or the experience of running your fingers across corrugated cardboard. The sound and visual gratification watching thousands of precisely lined up dominoes falling. 

Our senses are magnificent transmitters. They send us pleasure on many levels all at one time, often overloading our personal processing centers. In a good way, of course.

If you have experienced what I call Sound and Texture Gratification, come along and share! We all love a good textile experience!

Here is a video that is “oddly satisfying” …

11 thoughts on “Sound and Texture Gratification

  1. Definitely satisfying. My son accidentally dropped a glass lid for one of the large frying pans. Being tempered glass, it did not shatter quickly. Rather it cracked very slowly and made the most enjoyable noise. It’s not something I would do, just to hear the sound, but we stood watching it break for quite sometime.


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