Stop Being Stupid

I have come across these conversations quite a number of times on social media lately.

A lot of times it’s in the pet department. Someone takes a goofy picture of their pet, or dresses them up in silly clothes, and posts it with a funny caption. Maybe it’s not always in the best of taste, but we get it — it’s supposed to be funny/stupid/nonsensical.  Most times we keep on going, sometimes we stop and type “ha ha” and then move on.

Except for that one person that starts it all.

Someone come out of nowhere, saying how cruel the image is, how could people laugh at such postings, that there might be something wrong with the animal and it should reported to the vet.

This negative mini tirade brings out a tit-for-tat. Someone stands up to the misinformed with a nasty retort. Other people jump on the bandwagon, getting carried away and calling each barely-acceptable names, tit-for-tatting until the original poster takes the post down.

Is this a result of being quarantined too long? A result of rampant Covid-19 cases or being laid off and not being able to pay the bills? Is this mind state being fueled by the frustrations and unrest and circus attitude of our current state of politics?

Or is it more of a case of prejudice, animosity, or anger? Is it just an excuse for people to be mean?

Look. We all disagree on all kinds of things. Politics, health, psychology, food. Heck — some people put ketchup on spaghetti and peanut butter on burgers! Is that a reason to run at the mouth the first pissy thing that comes to mind?

My first impression is often geez, how can someone be so stupid? The picture of the dogs pushing their heads against the wall as they’re being scolded or the cat in socks and dress are JOKES. No one has gotten hurt — even the pets. Why does there always have to be a stick in the mud that doesn’t get it?

But those are passing thoughts. Like saying you’re going to knock out the next person who calls you Sweetie. You don’t act on them. You aren’t supposed to use those thoughts as verbal bullets to make fun or bully someone else.

You’re supposed to be better than that.

Maybe the “Be Who You Are” movement has had its day.

I want to tell the parties on both sides to stop using the Internet and Social Media to spew out your frustrations, hatreds, and misfortunes. Stop being a cranker. We all have problems. Trust me. Be nice. Keep your smarmy comments to yourself.


Although I’m sure there’s not much help for ketchup and spaghetti crowd….


14 thoughts on “Stop Being Stupid

  1. That is so true. We are all victim of our own biases …but … we don’t have to act on them. We don’t have to be a victim of our own prejudices. We can be better than that. We can strive to make things better. I so love your response.

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  2. It has certainly been a stressful year, the greatest remedy is to go within and make contact with your own connection to Source. It is a waste of energy to throw your crap onto someone else’s lap. It still has to be cleaned up at some point… Self-mastery. Start with the self first. You’re the only one who can control your self.


  3. I am the same! Because even though I have things to say, I know I can’t deal with the angry replies! And my comments don’t change anything anyway.
    The problem is the political correctness these days. Everyone seems to think they have to prove themselves how ‘good’ they are by pointing out ‘fault’ of others. We need to be non-racist, vegan, plastic free, co2-neutral, black, female, gluten-free, pro any sexuality, pro any culture, no matter what the circumstances are! Well it is undoable, because we’re human! And this war to be good is only leading to anger and frustration.


  4. Sometimes I feel that when people feel they are not listened to by their government, they start ranting on Fb. Like angry people get aggressive on the road too. I feel very much at home on WordPress where there is much less stupidity and anger. No keyboard warriors here!


  5. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Yes, stop projecting all the stuff inside to others and clean up your own room, folks. We all have work to do it. Be kind… to yourself and others. The world might be a better place if we can love ourselves and others despite the perceived imperfections. We are human after all, or at least, Light Beings pretending to be humans.


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