I Need Some Inspiration!

Some evenings I am so pumped up to work on my writing I can’t sit still. I do research, first drafts, correspondence, quotes — my resources are endless. Other evenings I sit like a frozen Popsicle in front of the computer screen, fingers poised to write, nothing coming out.
It’s like the heart is there, but the mind is not. It is in a million other places. And nowhere.
Do you ever feel like that?
How do you get your engine revved up after you finish a big project? Do you have to wait for the next inspiration to hit you before you can move forward? Do you do “busy” work in the background, like clean up photos, arrange or delete or arrange notes until inspiration returns?
My A.D.D. can’t take sitting still, imagining nothing.
My book about going to Paris was so tough — and so pleasurable — I have no idea where to go next. I look back on past work, and I just don’t feel like going back in that direction. Time travel, love, misunderstanding self and the world around them. I don’t feel like making up worlds like a couple of other books. I don’t feel like “visiting” Italy or Japan at the moment. Nor traveling between realms.
Can creative people ever sit still?
Let me know how you deal with restlessness. Where you get new ideas from.
Being locked down in the pandemic, real travel is out of the question. Astral travelling is on hold as well. No spaceships or faerie trains leaving the station for a while. Crystal caves and church crypts are closed for construction now, too. It’s too hot for glam camping, and all the art and music festivals both around here or over at Rivendell or Shangri-La have been cancelled this year as well. All the mythical beasts I can catch a ride with are already booked with other travelers.
I could try and find a few 1930s/1940s movies to take me back somewhere. I wonder where Fred Astaire got off to? Probably having dinner with Captain Kirk or Randolph Scott. Figures I wasn’t invited this time. Maybe one of Al Capone’s speakeasies are still open for late night drinks! Or at least one of those all-nighters like the Mos Eisley Cantina or Quark’s Bar should be open.
Don’t worry — I’ll come up with something.

23 thoughts on “I Need Some Inspiration!

  1. I have to ask– a physical exercise book? Or a writing exercise book? And I so agree about physical writing, not typing it. I haven’t done that much lately, but I think I’m going to start. I used to journal… as long as I don’t over emote I think there could be a topic there. Like my wanting to go to Paris led to my latest book.

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  2. Congratulations! Your blog has been included in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at


    Thank you, Chris

    My answer to finding inspiration is to open an exercise book/ and just write…there is something about pencil or pen on paper that allows you to let your mind wander, far more than a keyboard, at least for me… If it is just phrases, that’s fine, but I tend to start writing memories and before I know it, I have pages… works for me.


  3. This was very relatable! A writer’s block can get pretty disconcerting. I usually make note of thoughts that randomly pop up in my head and then develop on them later. Writing down something immediately, so i don’t end up losing that idea really helps!


  4. Just go with the flow Claudia, it will come, don’t worry. Maybe a bit of gardening ?? Who knws what you’ll “dig” up 😀


  5. Cristian Mihai (The Art of Blogging) says to do just what you did: Punch those damn keys! When you don’t know what to write, WRITE! That’s what you did… and we can all relate. Shake that muse!!!


  6. It is so exciting to be working on a big project. I believe there will always be pauses in between. In reading your response to Ivors, I notice that you do have ways to move forward until The Next Big Thing shows up. The only thing I can add is this: be patient with yourself. Suspend judgement about how you spend your time while waiting.


  7. Living by myself during these present circumstances is not ideal, but I’m trying to make the most out the oppressing situation… xx


  8. I know — me too! Love the sign, love the poem. I always find something to do, but I always feel this way between big projects. I know it will always come back, but I hate “making it up” as I go before I get a hint of direction. Your hobbies sound alot like mine. I’m glad we have ups and downs together!

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  9. Haha Claudia, I’ve an imaginative mind that’s always active, even when it’s in lockdown, and shut in at home, or in lockup when shut in at hospital… and even when they’re wheelling me away on the stretcher, my mind is making up jumbled words to throw at my attendants…. I do have too rests my from writing, for my own well being… I still suffer from stroke fatigue…. but I have other hobbies to keep my active mind at play… gardening… an on-line photography group, which has a daily prompt….. and I do some hobby art…. here’s my latest creation…..”Serenity”


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