Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Girl Grey Beauty

Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed has been busy transforming her lips into colorful and spectacular works of art and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Going by the online name of Girl Grey Beauty, Reed has earned herself more than 100,000 followers on Instagram for her lip transformations than can range from Tartan patterns to classical artworks.

Andrea’s feed, which has 900 photos of her lips covered in complex images, were all drawn (and designed) by her, using liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeliners, and a ton of skinny brushes.

“I like to use tiny painting brushes from the art store to create each look,” Andrea shares.

If that sounds impossibly time-consuming, Andrea assures that it most definitely is.“The application alone takes around one-to-two hours, depending on the difficulty and detail level of the lip art,” she says, adding that the entire process (from conception to retouching and editing) can take up to six hours.Her work is whimsical and spectacular. A bit of fun with a lot of talent.

More of Andrea Reed’s amazing beauty work can be found at and

14 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Girl Grey Beauty

  1. That is my guess. Just to show THAT you can do it and HOW you can do it. You can’t really kiss or eat or even smile much with those gorgeous lips. But to glance at there beauty for just a moment…. (I’m sure there’s a romantic story in there somewhere…)


  2. Wow! I want the red plaid one. Do you suppose she can create a system for easy, quicker duplication? I think she could go viral!!


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