You Texted What?!?

Well, now that I’m far enough away from white wind turbines not to be haunted by them, I have been hit by the writing bug again.

Creative artists are a curious bunch. You say you’re not, but of course you are.


I already have too much on my plate, and not a big enough plate to hold it all.

Last week when I was camping with my family I couldn’t sleep. I’m in a tent with my hubby. The wind is howling and so is his snores. Mine will accompany his if I ever get to sleep. So wandering as my mind often does, I get this idea for a story.

I’ve been wanting to write something about my dreams and connecting them to real life for some time now, but never could get a feasible idea going.

Until 1 a.m. in the tent.

No paper, no pencil, no computer to record my thoughts. Great. You know me — I’m afraid I’ll forget tomorrow’s grocery list if I don’t write it down.

So I get this great idea.

Type my idea into a draft into my email from my phone. Sounds simple, right?

Nothing is ever simple for me.

So here I am, under the covers in my dark tent, trying not to wake up hubby who is delightfully snoring away, trying to write down my idea with my two thumbs.

Here are part of my notes. No lie.

She is terrifird. Hm. Dreans start to get weied. Still knonve but dreans like dinner in lasr samari or talk through glllass wall. They funalky meet. In dream workd reality of work does  nt exist. Reakirmty knows intensiry of dream wirld but not vuce versan what to do.

Uh huh. I understand that.

Good thing I’m not in a typing bee, though.

The point is that you can get inspired any time, any where. On walks. At work. In a sleeping bag. Walking to the bus. You can see a color for a design that is so cool in nature you want to reproduce it. You hear a chit of conversation and think it would make a great screenplay. You see a sunset and wonder if you could needlepoint it.

But you have no way of recording these outstanding, blast open ideas.

Or do you?

Do what you have to. Write on toilet paper, take a leaf with you. Write code words in ketchup. Take a picture. Write on your arm with an ink pen. Draft an email.

Just get your thoughts DOWN.

Inspiration will come and go, but you will never have that exact idea or moment again. And who knows — that could be THE ONE.

Hexxv goes on teip, dreans geeet better.

Good thing I speak thumb text…..


7 thoughts on “You Texted What?!?

  1. You type on your cell phone like I do, I just don’t understand how the young ones do it so quick !!! 😀 But then again, they do it way more often than we do, don’t they !!?


  2. Being inventive to write something on anything is half the fun…. Yep I’ve used, napkins, old news papers, menu lists, cardboard food boxes, and anything I can get my hands on, like magazines at the Doctor’s waiting rooms.. 👐💛📚🤗


  3. Awesome! I was kinda prepared.. i brought my computer, iPad, notebook, and pen too. But it was in the middle of the night and everyone was sleeping nd the world was silent. I should have found the flashlight and just jotted down some notes. But way was more inventive, wouldn’t you say?


  4. Not sure I understand your thumb text.. !!…. I’m always taking my backpack with me everywhere I go, equipped with writing pad and pen, earphones for my phone, a phone charger, a small zoom camera and of course my bottle of water. My mobile phone/camera lives in my pocket, … now I’m not allowed to drive again, i’m doing lots of walking and catching the bus everywhere….. so I’ve more time to notice my surroundings, which are always full of ideas…..


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