The “How To Write Your First Book” Series Is Coming!


I’ve been asked now and then for advice on how to write a book. How to get started, how to know what to write about, how to edit.

I am not published, but I am a writer.

In my 9 to 5 job, I’m also a proofreader. Catching the slips of others makes me triple conscious of my own writing faux pas.

But I digress.


So I have decided to write a series of blogs giving my humble opinion, along with tried-and-true recipes for getting that first book written, or finding inspiration to get that  second one started.

You can choose to pass over these blogs for a week — but you might pick up a tip or two for your own creative outlet.


This five-day blog series will start Monday, August 12th. And at the end of the series I will have my blogs all in one pdf that you can download at any time that will also include helpful links for further research. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

I hope to share my experience as a writer, proofreader, editor, and lover of the written word. To help you find that spark of inspiration that gets you finally moving forward.


It’s free, it’s fun, it’s things you never thought of before. And with so many wonderful followers, I hope there’s someone out there I can help.

I think that’s enough self-promotion for one blog. Come along and have some fun … and learn to





7 thoughts on “The “How To Write Your First Book” Series Is Coming!

  1. I suppose to each his own. But it is moreso these last years…I am amazed at what gets published, what is considered art…even what is considered good food. While I give others the benefit of their own opinion, I still think there are universals that appeal to everyone. That’s the niche you and I strive to fill.

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  2. I read a lot of books and I often wonder, how can they write such an interesting book like this ? On the other hand I sometimes wonder ; how on earth did they find a puplisher for this cr….It’s the same with all art I suppose, some paintings (pictures…..)are soooo ugly and people pay millions for them, others are little jewels and nobody wants to buy them….


  3. This is more the process of writing. I’m not published either… it’s not so much following that path, but to get people excited about writing. Learning how to get that story out of your heart and onto paper.


  4. I’ve written lots of poetry books/booklets, but none are published…… Not sure if I could go through the process……


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