Welcome to Terrible Tuesdays

Do you have a day of the week that’s more stressful than others? Is this kind of stress all in your mind, or is there really a particular day that causes some people get more whacked out than others on certain days?

Around here, Tuesday is the day from Hell

From a working girl perspective, you would think that day would be Monday. You’ve had a great weekend, slept in, went jogging, had a good time. Your first day back to rules and regulations can be very stressful.

But for many of us, for my friends, Tuesdays seem to knock our legs out from under us. It’s like a full moon full time around me. Crabby people, tired people, overworked people, lost people. All trying to get it together and not really caring if they do so. It’s stress and misunderstandings and bad weather. It’s like someone knocked your coffee cup and some of it spilled on your nice white shirt. And you have to wear it the rest of the day.

I myself don’t have a real cure for the Tuesday Blues — it’s more an endurance thing. Get through the day and the night will play out differently. Of course, it often doesn’t. It’s usually a continuation of my crabby old lady self. It usually turns out that the dog has gotten into the garbage or there is still tons of laundry watching me walk around the house or I burned my grilled cheese until it looks like a wrought iron gate.

But at least I have my own form of salvation waiting for me when I get home.

I have wine, I have my dog, I have a couple of cats.  I have a story I need to continue writing, a few shirts I want to sew beads on, and a couple of books waiting for me to read. I have an enjoyable TV show (Downton Abbey) to binge watch if I so desire, and I have milk and cookies if wine isn’t for me.

What kind of stress relief do you have on the other side of your rainbow?

You need something, you know. Maybe that’s why I push arts and crafts and writing and the esoteric things in life. There is relief in the evening breeze, in sitting down and writing a poem. There is hope for tomorrow in watching TV sorrows and successes, and worlds to explore in someone else’s writing.

It’s okay to have Terrible Tuesdays.

It’s also okay to to have your own world to retreat to when the day is done.

Ice cream, anyone?

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Terrible Tuesdays

  1. It’s Wednesday here, and nearly Thursday, because I’m not a working man these days have nearly diminished, except for a few health worries, but they’re diminishing too !!!…
    A Video to cheer you up, by a Swedish band, Laker Of Tears, visually peaceful and calming


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