Are We Alone?

I am still in the working world. And around here, Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Suddenly I was inspired to write a poem. This is for Ivor and Walt and Dwight and all of you who know what poetry is. I really don’t. But I do feel better.

Are We Alone?


Here is my photo of

distant galaxies

So far away at the

edge of the universe

Even our minds cannot reach.

See the large one

on the left?

Spiraling magnificently

somewhere at the edge

where we can never go?

Do you see the wisp

that curls upwards

on the left?

Right there where the

mass splits.

There are billions of stars

in this galaxy alone.

And millions

in this little split.

Do you think

there is a planet circling

around one of those billions

of sun-like stars

full of

life unbounded

where an older woman

with hair of gray or green

depending upon the atmosphere

is sitting at her desk saying

I hate this job


Can we talk?



3 thoughts on “Are We Alone?

  1. I just came back from there….woah…we really ARE on the same cosmic page! I was inspired by a screensaver I have at work…that photograph of distant galaxies. It inspires me…and it looks like we were both inspired. I love it.

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  2. Oh Claudia, I thoroughly enjoyed your poem, and what a coincidence
    “Do you think
    there is a planet circling
    around one of those billions
    of sun-like stars”

    I wrote this poem this morning…..


    On a starry Autumn night
    Laying under the cosmic sky
    I see a universe beyond
    The galaxy’s, milky way
    With unnumbered orbiting planets
    Astronomer’s, clearly hearing their sound
    Radars that echo, there’s no shadow of doubt
    Out there somewhere
    In the vastness of space
    Another similar earth, co-exists

    Do those purple aliens
    Wait and wonder
    Look to the cosmos and ponder
    When will humanity arrive
    Invading their picturesque, violet atmosphere
    Ravaging innocent foreign lives
    Bowing to the human war cry
    Assimilate or die

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