The New Year is a New Chance

It’s New Year’s Eve. Time for reflecting on the past year, and, for many, make resolutions for the new one. I’ve started reading other blogger’s year-end pieces, inspiring me to write my own.

My biggest discovery was that I have hyperthyroidism. It is a relief that most of the weird symptoms I’ve been going through have had a reason behind it besides me getting old. I am getting better, thank you, but it is good I get a yearly checkup. You should too.

What does that have to do with my year-end resolutions?

I think my creativity is going to take a slightly different direction  in 2019.

I have done this blog since 2011, each post an evolution upon itself. I have loved writing and sharing my opinions and thoughts on a myriad of subjects. I’ve toted my creativity through words, then the Sunday Evening Art Gallery.

And now?

I’ve decided to talk in my blog less and share the visual more. I want to share more artists, more magic, more images and less “advice.” You don’t need to hear what you’ve heard in other circles. You are smart enough to go for it yourself 

What passions are you bringing to the forefront in  2019?

I send all of you magic and faeries and the power to make dreams come true this upcoming year!

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