I’m Back From Around the Mountain

On my way to researching something or other last night, I came across a blog by Brett about becoming a minimalist. She went through everything — I mean everything — and got rid of 75% of her clutter. 

Now I don’t know how much clutter she had, or what she considered clutter, nor do I really know what a minimalist is…unless continuously getting rid of “stuff” puts me in that category. But I could identify with her energy.

I had to step back for a couple of weeks to declutter my head. I wasn’t sure what my problem was — I still am not sure. But I realized I wanted to get a little more clear on where I was going and what I wanted.

But I realized I had to cut some of the clutter from my life.

I’ve gone into my WordPress account and unfollowed everyone who hasn’t posted in 10-12 months. They’ve moved on. So must I. I am in the process of going to each and every one of the people I follow and comment on their postings. After all, that was the reason I followed them in the first place.

I decluttered. And I feel so much better.

I’ve also decided that I may not have much revolutionary things to share with those who choose to follow me, but I have my experience and my passions, and who knows —  maybe my passion will ignite your passion.

I find that my daily life is very routine, which is just fine with me. But I am into this art thing, and I keep finding amazing art from around the world. Things that amaze me. Humble me. Make me wonder.

Those are the things I want to share with you. Perhaps now and then some sage advice ( like I know what I’m talking about). but mostly I am working on uncluttering my life. Keeping what is important, and letting go of the rest.

What’s left is wonderful. And that’s all I need.

Good to be back.


6 thoughts on “I’m Back From Around the Mountain

  1. You make me feel so good! I had said that my life is good, but I have no real advice or spice to write about at the moment. And I didn’t want to blah blah blah just for the sake of posting. We are alike. We have something to say when we have something to say. And I went over and looked at your blog and now I’m following! I just want to spend time with people who make me smile.

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  2. People always tell me that “in order to be a great blog you need to post regularly.” Uhm, okay, but “regularly” for me is when I have something to say. Something I want to share. I like to read people’s posts, but honestly, some people are just writing jibberish at times and it makes me LESS inclined to want to write “like that”. I don’t mean to be harsh, I think people should create however they want to, but for me, the blog posts I enjoy the most are not the ones that tend to be daily just for “daily” sake or “regularly” posting sake, but those that have something to say and maybe a reason, other than venting or meeting some strange quota, to be said. Uggh.. as I write all of this I realize I’m being judgey. Forgive me.

    All this to say, I love this post. Makes sense. Looking forward to your next post, whenever you are ready. I’ll be here reading and enjoying…


  3. You are where I am! Thank you for enjoying my blogs. I dont want to just blah blah blah just to get something written. We all have some special message we need to convey…sometimes we just have to take a break to find out what that message is. What do you love doing? What do you love sharing? Listen to that voice deep inside, and your inspiration to write will come back.

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  4. Claudia, I haven’t being blogging for the past 6 months or so. I needed a break and to decide where my blog was really going. I love reading the blogs that I follow and perhaps one day (even soon) I may write another post or two. For the time being I am content to read and not write. I enjoy your art posts very much.

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