I’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain When I Come

I just read a statistic that there are 152 million blogs out there in the world. 152,000,000 people rattling off thoughts and advice and experiences to anyone who will listen.

Blogging has become an inexpensive, anonymous way to purge your soul of thoughts, sins, and the uniqueness that makes us human. On a blog you can be anyone. An old man, a young girl. A college student, a doctor. None of that matters when it comes to writing what you think and feel.

Lately I have been wondering the purpose of it all. What is the end game for all of us writing what’s going on and what we wonder and what we feel?

These 152,000,000 blogs have become the paper journals of the past. A safe, anonymous place to get it all out. Some will sympathize, some will give you a “like.”or two. And that makes you feel good…if for just a little while.

But your problems, your wonderings, your achievements, will still be there.

What is it we want in this blogging world? To not feel alone? To be appreciated? To be loved?

It’s a wide, wonderful, terrifying world out there. For us who love the written word or taking pictures of it, it helps when we pull those wonderful, terrifying things into a 3-D world where we can look at them.

Lately I feel like I’m not really contributing anything to the tangling of words that come from 152 billion computers. I follow a number of blogs that I rarely get a chance to read. Life does that when you’re busy working and living. I feel like I’m cheating other bloggers who really have something to say.

But lately I feel like I don’t do anything special enough to blog about. Not in the scope of this massive blogging world. This is not a depressed or disillusioned person writing this blog. I’m doing good. But I think we all get to the point where we wonder, what’s the point?

I think that for a while I am going to go on a journey all on my own. There is nothing to share that hasn’t been written or shared in the library of the Internet.  I think I will continue my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog, for that is a world unseen by most of my followers, and I love — just love — sharing unique artists with you.

Forgive me if I don’t read your blogs, and feel free to stop reading mine. I’m trying to convince myself that likes and follows don’t mean anything to me in the long run. It’s a false sense of popularity, you know?

I will be back. A writer can’t stay away from writing. But I’ve got to clarify what writing is to me. I need to explore fall in all its chilling glory. Just another step on the footpath to tomorrow.

Be well, dream wonderful dreams, and keep coming back for the Gallery.

18 thoughts on “I’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain When I Come

  1. I imagine all of us are always asking those questions. I think what I came back with is not to blog unless I have something I really want to say. Real ideas…not just something to whine about until another good idea comes along. And is is all worth it? As others have said, if one person really liked it, it resonated somewhere.

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  2. I understand your questioning. I think 🤔 I ponder 🤔 I wonder also… what’s the point. What purpose? Is the time invested worth the rewards? What are the rewards? Each “like” means something I said resonated with someone. Comments make me know there are real people out there. Stepping outside my door and serving others is an even better sensation. But, I love to write … and my friends in our little town of 1K people don’t always want to hear me read to them! So, blogging is an outlet. I understand why you’ll stick to the art part. There are just so many hours in the day!


  3. It is a good thing to ask yourself what is the use of all of this. Questions, questions, questions. What’s the answer to the problems we face today. Everyone is blogging and what does it change. Who is fooling who. I don’t know. It’s useful to ask yourself a true question and come back with a better answer than you had before.


  4. You are never pissin in the wind when you enjoy what you write. There’s always someone who gets you, who enjoys what you are learning or sharing, and wants more. I think I’m just a little misguided lately, and am trying to find something to share that makes sense and that can help others. I’m out of ideas at the moment. But friends like you will help me come on back with an idea and a purpose!

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  5. You are so right, my friend. I somehow have lost my voice, my identity, the reason for starting this blog. I, too, have been around a long time. Maybe it’s just that my song is changing and I don’t want to sit and babble about it until I get it focused and ready to sing. Your words are so true.

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  6. Writing a blog can be many different things to many people, and with some 152 millions of them, well, we know a lot of people they will not care to read our posts, however someone does, and that’s what counts.

    But do I write for someone to read me?

    Yes/No, it’s nice if someone does, but in all honesty it helps more my creativity to express my thoughts, and gain on insight about myself, and how much I can accomplish not by what others may think of me, when they read me, but to polish my skills when writing, I guess it’s a matter of an inner Daemon inside every writer, who compel us to write, and be creative, no different of a true artist compulsion to create art, not a fame seeker, and to know the difference of your motivation it’s what it counts.

    Next month it will be my 9th year anniversary blogging, and I can see my own progress, it’s hard work, no doubt about it, and may carry some disheartening, if all you care is recognition, so I see it as a work on myself, and that please me greatly. 🙂


  7. I understand your concern, Claudia. I have some of those same questions, doubts, and frustrations. How many million bloggers? And for what purpose? Is it worth the time? Am I accomplishing anything? My husband says I’m just “pissin’ in the wind!” Well, my response is that every writer is doing likewise unless they have readers who are somehow encouraged, influenced, inspired, entertained, and/or educated by those written words. So, that’s my purpose… to create an audience of readers who are somehow inspired by my words to think, to reflect, to open their eyes to see something differently – and perhaps to be encouraged to reach out in love to one another a little more deeply. To know God and to thank Him more often for our many blessings – that’s another focus. But, I know we do those things better face-to-face than we do on social media. So, is my blogging taking away from the face-to-face opportunities? No, it’s late… I wouldn’t be out interacting with others now. Social media (blogging and FaceBook) help me broaden my reach. Don’t they? Or am I just “pissin’ in the wind?”


  8. Oh Claudia, I do like reading your interesting articles, however if you need to take a rest from the wrestling with blogging, so be it. And here’s a song for you, check out his amazing lyrics….


  9. I believe taking is a break is also part of blogging. At the moment I read but I don’t blog. It’s working for me to regroup and decide what blogging means to me. I shall of course drop by the gallery, which I enjoy immensely. Have a pleasant break.


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