Friday Evening on the Veranda — Fong Qi Wei

Fong Qi Wei showcases the radial symmetry found in flowers and the beauty of their individual components by tearing them apart and placing each part separately.

By doing this, all of the various textures and shapes get to stand out on their own, becoming independent sections.

“I am fascinated with the intersections. Intersections are places where boundaries break down, and these are areas where really interesting things happen.”

“Boundaries are comfortable and static.”

“In particular, I am interested in the intersections of the sciences, art and technology.”

There are so many beautiful versions of Fong Qi Wei’s art that you must go to his website to enjoy them all:

7 thoughts on “Friday Evening on the Veranda — Fong Qi Wei

  1. I see it as a reverse or similar act as a pillow fight (when feathers/pillow stuffing… float and fall). But your posting describes an act that has an artistic anticipation. I love unique art formatting.❤


  2. I would never think of doing that. And yet I call myself creative! Ah well, creative is a relative word, right? His website has a lot of different flower arrangements…just very neat. Thanks for coming by!

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  3. I thought you were having it fixed! The first thing you need to do is go buy a flash drive and put EVERYTHING that’s on your computer on the flash drive. They’re not very expensive, and you’ll always have that backup copy. You can’t leave all your work on one device. And then, sooner or later, you just might need to buy a new computer. Maybe just a basic one for basic internet surfing and writing. No fancy graphics, no bells and whistles. Just you and your writing in a safe, new place.


  4. I think I needed Fong Qi Wei, to help me piece my computer back together over these days I’ve been totally frustrated and on the verge of chucking it all away, including me and all the poetry….. but here I am typing away to you, so hopefully I’m back !!!……..and the flower pictures were very soothing for my anger management


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