I’m Tired of Learning Something New Every Day

Lot of drama going on around us these days. Some, like the 17th anniversary of 9-11, can’t be helped. Me, squirting chocolate frosting across my desktop and computer as I try and get it out of my donut, is self-imposed.

I am at the point in my life/career that I’m tired of learning.

I know they say you’re never too old to learn something new.   But that’s not always the way it is. I think it’s just that I’m just tired of pushing temporary info into my already crowded brain.

Our world is whirling around us faster than I ever thought possible. In writing a blog for work about teaching coding to youngsters, they said in 10 years the coding we learn now will be obsolete, as new ways of coding and doing things change.

So I’m starting to wonder then…. why bother?

I know we need to deal with the now now. To keep a job these days you need to be on top of things: trends, programs, new ways to collect and control data. Yes, the methods will be time-saving and more efficient, but you still have to learn the darn way first.

I used to be bothered by the image of the old person sitting on the back deck in their golden years watching grass grow. But nowdays that seems so appealing.

Working for a living is much different than it was when I was a linofilm typist back in the day. Of course, I’m sure my dad would have said construction was different when he was discharged from WWII.

I know. Everything changes. Get over it.

But you get to a point where your brain just wants to stop being stuffed with meaningless stuff that won’t make a difference a few years from now.

I’m tired of learning. What I want to do now is experience something new every day.

Learning how rainbows are formed from water crystals in the sky isn’t important. Seeing the rainbow is. Knowing how they built the Eiffel Tower or Mount Rushmore isn’t important — seeing them is.

The hows have never stuck around in my brain to begin with. I wanted to be an actress in high school but I could barely memorize a paragraph. I wanted to be a marine biologist but I lived in Illinois. A lot of things I had to learn just to get a job, just to get by. And marine biology wasn’t it.

I don’t want to learn any more programming or data entry or try to sell my business. I want to learn what I want to learn, not what I have to learn. I want to learn French and how to crochet and how to cook a souffle. I don’t want my future to rely on how much I remember after I learn it.

Maybe this is a “getting old” thing. More likely it’s a millennial thing. Most of them do pretty much what they want to do.  They work, they save a little, but they don’t tie their money up in in huge bills like mortgages and fancy cars. They take their free money and spend it. They experience things. Not memorize things.

Tonight I’m going home from work and sitting on the deck and watch grass grow. Why not? Nature has a lot of things to teach us, too.

Don’t wait to experience life. To experience the world. Don’t wait until you’re rich enough or skinny enough. For enough will never be enough. And you’ll never experience the beauty of the world sitting behind a desk in a fluorescent lit cubicle.


20 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Learning Something New Every Day

  1. You are a soul touching my own! There is only so much one can do to “help the world”, and I do believe in doing my part. I also believe in teaching those around me to respect and learn and support those around them, too. The working world is much harder than when I first stepped foot into it, so that is one reason everything feels way over my head these days. Personally I don’t want to wait until I have A or B or C before I do D, E, and F. I say try and do as soon as possible if possible. Tomorrow may never be.


  2. I’m a millennial too past mid-20s and feel the same way at this point. I’m just tired of learning new info now (funny that I’m working in tech). But at this point I don’t want to learn anything I don’t like or enjoy. It feels like torture. I’ve learned more than enough about psychological trauma from family and friends that now I’m just done. I just want to dance, sing and design. I really could care less about programming and software and what not. I just want to live and experience good things in life for once instead of just stressing about boring things and boring people.


  3. Women have been brought up to be supporters and partners, not individuals going their own way. Maybe since your husband is busy going his own way doing his own projects its time you found your calling, too. There must be some creative thing you’ve always wanted to do. Even if it’s attending lectures at a nearby college, it’s getting out and tending to your own soul. So many of us in the older generation don’t really know how to do that. But we need to do more of it. My husband doesn’t understand my addition to writing, and I don’t care. We love each other, but we often go different ways. He hunts, I write. He repairs cars, I write. And I’ve found peace with that. You will too.

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  4. You’ve hit the nail on the head for me too Claudia. I no longer work, yet I’ve still been trying to learn new things. I got to a point recently, that I will learn on a needs basis. If I don’t need it in the future, I don’t want to learn it. I’m good with technology and tried to keep up, but it’s passing me by quicker than lightening. Once again, do I need it? If not, forget it. We’re in Australia and have been travelling around on and off in our Caravan. Husband does the hook up and drives. I thought I should learn how to do all that too, but in the end I decided no, so long as I can get us out of a difficult situation, then that’s all I need to know. If husband finds he can’t do it anymore, then we stop. We can experience the adventure another way. Great blog that resonated with me. Smell the roses.


  5. I love this post for so many reasons. I’ve never been much for travel as I have become older (or old). I love to be home with my cat and my stuff (including my husband). We are poles apart in that regard and it isn’t always easy to deal with our differences. A lot of him still lives in the 60’s and 70’s, his work ethic has never changed. You work hard, you get the rewards etc. Retirement is not what I expected, I spend hours alone while he works on new projects earning money under his own steam. I admire that, although I don’t understand why he can’t slow down to a more sedate pace. However, that is his life not mine. I want peace with a little fun thrown in. I know all I can absorb whilst still get a good nights sleep without my brain exploding. I agree with you about learning things that will be obsolete by the time you have mastered them. Youngsters today are used to that, they have grown up with it. Enjoy it even. Me, I like things to remain unchanged a little longer.


  6. You make me feel so good! I know it’s just that I”m at the end of one road, looking down a forked path of wonderful places ahead of me. I guess that’s what happens when you get older. You get tired of the games played at work, the posturing, the boredom, the pointlessness of it all. Guess I can’t wait to take that turn and follow a different road.

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  7. I’m so glad Bob & I retired to Montana while our lives are still vibrant and healthy enough to enjoy each minute. Sitting on the back porch watching the antelope daycare school pass by is such fun! Did you know antelope have daycare services for one another? Two adults taking care of about seven little ones… so cute to watch. Yes, I want to SEE life. And learning something new everyday is fun – if it’s something I care about and want to experience. Like where are those red-winged blackbirds coming from in such great mass? And where are they headed? Ah, life is fascinating! Never stop learning AS YOU LIVE IT!


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