Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Carsten Wieland

Carsten Wieland is a watercolor artist from Essen, Germany. 

During his journeys to the United States he fell in love with abandoned buildings,  and after he spent some time drawing them, decided to paint them in watercolor.

He started filling up hundreds of sketchbook pages with small paintings of abandoned farmhouses until he felt brave enough to paint his first watercolor on quality paper in early 2016.

Painting watercolors became his daily therapy and obsession.

His watercolor scapes include houses, scenery, boats, and anything else that calls to him.

You can find more of Carsten Wieland‘s amazing watercolors at 




7 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Carsten Wieland

    1. If I were a painter I could show the beauty without words. But all I can do it sit in the middle of the woods or fields and write. That would be alright, too. You are my inspiration!


    1. Carsten’s watercolors make me want to visit the places he visits to get his ideas. The houses are magnificent, and the landscapes make me want to just take a walk and keep going.


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