Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Sue Benner

While pursuing a degree in molecular biology and masters in biomedical illustration, Sue Benner created her vision of the microscopic universe in painted and quilted textile constructions.


She creates her richly layered quilt canvases by collaging her dye-painted and printed silks with recycled textiles to form wonderful works of art.


Sue is a recognized innovator in her field, having developed new techniques in fused quilt construction to further the expression of her ideas.


According to Benner, “My love affair with fabric began with my first memories of the clothes my mother made me, recalling exact hue, fiber content, and weave. In the ensuing years, my mother taught me to sew, carefully and creatively. “


“I see a direct connection between the concept of quilt and the assembly of units to make a larger whole.”


“I revel in the simple act of placing one fabric next to another.”


More of Sue Benner’s fantastic creations can be found on her website

13 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Sue Benner

  1. I just looked at her site and it’s amazing, too! Mary’s look more like actual quilts. I think I will ask her if I can highlight her one Sunday evening, too. Thank you for the suggestion.

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  2. I do too. I did some research, and I know it’s part painting on fabric, part just fabric, but it’s not your conventional quilt. I have to do some more research. It’s amazing.

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  3. I’ll respond to this one! I am amazed at the designs and color and how they really do bounce off of each other. I’m so glad you like them.


  4. I am so glad to be awakened by the fact that quilts are more than grandma’s simple designs. These colors and designs blow me away!


  5. If this is a double up it’s because I’m having WP issues, sorry, but I just wanted to say this puts a whole new slant on quilting for me, I love it!


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