Passion on Hold?

To thine own self be true.Friday

~~William Shakespeare


That is no truer than this evening.

I have the weekend to myself. Hubby and boys are hunting, grandbaby up with the other grandparents. Lots of time to do my favorite thing in the whole world.


I have a lunch date tomorrow; washing the kitchen floor and doing some laundry are on the list as well. The rest of the time is mine, mine, mine.

It’s Friday night and I’ve already made my goulash for dinner (some sort of meat and some sort of noodle and some sort of sauce…catchers-catch-can, so they say). I brought out my laptop, threw some towels in the dryer, fed the dogs, let the dogs out, watched the finale of one TV show, caught up on two more TV shows, am looking out the window at the soft rain falling, and still haven’t written a word.

Do I sabotage myself all the time?

In my own defense — I did write a fantastic blog for this coming Sunday, and did some research on a wonderfully creative art and artist that I will keep for another day. So I have been moving forward, albeit in a crookedy sort of way.

I could blame my very busy, very mind-numbing day. I get home, I am tired, my dreams dancing and fading away into the sunset.  But the “why” doesn’t matter.

I believe that when you have the passion, the seed, the soul of creativity, it will never leave you. It is your source of joy, of your angst and your celebration. The mere thought of getting to do what you love lightens your day, and keeps you up at night. No matter what you love to do, you can’t wait to get back to it. Any side track, any sideways slip, any attack from kids and grandkids and friends in need/indeed are only temporary.

Love will find a way, they say.

Don’t worry if you get distracted. If your heart is in your Art, you will never wander far. Your breaks won’t last long, and your creations will be bigger and better and more fun than you ever imagined.

I’m turning the TV off right now….well, right after I finish watching my pre-recorded Bones.

(whispers…Ooohhh!! ! It’s a double Bones!)



4 thoughts on “Passion on Hold?

  1. Yes, this is why I am ssoo lucky to do my craft full time – no distracting traditional day job to exhaust me so that I am too tired evenings and weekends – I do believe this can be the ruin of many a good artist – but then, that is what the ‘establishment’ wants – to quite to voice of discontent/original thinking – coz this is dangerous…. hence the punishment of the unemployed and down and out in many parts of the world…. including here in Australia these days!


    1. You are lucky — but then again, I guess those who love our craft and find time to do it PERIOD are lucky, aren’t we? Corporate America wants robots for employees; that’s why it’s so hard to escape the linear world after work. But after a while we find we crave that wild, yet concentrated, outlet, where nothing matters except our Art. (and our family if they butt in…)

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  2. On the rare opportunity I find myself alone in the house for an extended time, I tell myself I don’t have to do much work. As far as I’m concerned, the time should be used for indulging, whether that be writing, watching TV, reading–whatever feels like a luxury at the time. So it sounds like you’re doing things perfectly!


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